rakhi sawant SEX ! on ‘Big Boss’???

Rakhi Sawant (left) is one of the 13 celebs on the reality show ‘Big Boss’

It could be a first in Indian television history. The 13 celebrity contestants in Sony’s much-hyped reality show Bigg Boss will have to undergo HIV tests as precaution because there are chances they will have sex on the show.
The show is based on the international reality TV hit Big Brother, in which a number of contestants live together for three months while avoiding being voted out in a public poll.
They are on camera all the time. The grand prize for the winner of Bigg Boss — Rs 50 lakh.
Many contestants had voiced their apprehensions and even wanted to opt out of the show, as they did not want to take the HIV test.
Contestants will undergo counselling
Chief creative head of Sony TV Sandiip Sikcand agreed that the participants had to undergo HIV tests.
“We have a rule for all participants. They also have been taken for counselling to psychiatrists,” said Sikcand.
He denied that any contestant had reservations about being tested for HIV. Sikcand said the tests were part of the rules being followed by Big Brother.
Is there a possibility of the contestants getting physically intimate in the show? “We haven’t planned anything! If the contestants do get intimate, there is nothing to stop them. We would not show any nudity and edit the scenes, as this is a family show,” said Sikcand.
When asked whether the participants have carried any contraceptives with them, Sikcand laughed and said, “The contestants may have, but we haven’t provided them with anything.”
Sex on the show!
The format of Big Brother has been altered in many countries. For instance, countries like Hungary and Poland have different rules, which allow sex and nudity on screen.
In the Indian version, cameras would not be allowed in bathrooms and there would be censorship on content.

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  1. she looks soo sexy

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