katrina kaif’s nipple show


Katrina Kaif s Nipple Blooper


This photo has Katrina wearing a slightly
transparent purple kurti. This is also looking like a faked one. its shocking
how much fake stuff there is on the internet..should not her nipple have been
lower if it was real ? 🙂


31 Responses

  1. Its fake one . In the real picture her nipples are not showing but with morphing tis picture is made look like this

  2. but i can be sure of one thing at least and that’s her areola…that her areola are large as are in this pic…i once saw her revealing photo with gulshan gurovar he was having a big areola like this..if that would have been a fake material maybe this would be the mistake…but it’s big…so from my side it’s 80% real…

  3. VERY HOT……………………………………

  4. It’s real cuz if look at her other boob it also pops out. Her nipps are so freakin beautiful . i wanna suck them


  6. I agree with simon. Her areola is big. I can assure you. I sucked her boobs about 1 year ago and ner nipples became so erect in excitement!!

  7. she is very hot.

    Salman Khan is very lucky indeed!

  8. She is too hot to handle…and those nipples look fake because according to the body posture her nipples should be a little bit lower.

  9. i dont beleive that is original.bcoz,her right one is looking so big & 2nd one is looking small.but in original size there is not as much different as this pic.


  11. i want to fuck katrina n her nipples r so hottttttt. uffff my cock is standing waile seeing her nipples ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. ahaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Her nipples should be sucked . Her milk isgood.

  13. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerry hoooooooooooot

  14. i want to fuck her nipples and such her nipples

  15. I should notify u about this.

  16. May be real or fake, but it’s errotic

  17. really its sizzling for her fan

  18. wow really its sizzling for her fans

  19. i want to fuck her pussy and rape her…ahhhhhh

  20. Asssss..’…… I want see clearly

  21. i fuck with a girl name chinta like katrina boobs and nipple.she suck my red cock with her mouths

  22. I want to suck katrinas boobs.But is ahmed kaif her brother or something

  23. my reqeuist add pleessss

    your loving

  24. katrina kai koos may apna lora dalonga

  25. this is not a real i can’t believe this

  26. I want to squeez out these boobies..

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