Sherlyn Chopra’s Nipple Slip During A Photo Shoot




Sherlyn Chopra aka Mona Chopra got careless during a photo shoot…this is a photo of her boob almost popping out of her shirt and her nipple showing.

6 Responses

  1. are you perverts..i suck her boobs every night…so just don’t think about it anymore. my favorite is doggy-that way i get to insert my 8 inch rod into her ass/cunt and grab her breasts and ride her all night

  2. I think all us women have nipple slips. They’re no big deal, I don’t know why other women are so shy about their nipples. I show mine all the time…


  4. because we all are suckers……

  5. hi sherlya ……i love u ur so free i want marry with u i want fuck u aaaaa….i want chew ur nipples i want chew ur boobs when u ll marry with me? then we ll go for honymoon ha ha haaaaaa.

  6. next time will be your show biz u r so hotii

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